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Njauddam River

The River The Njauddam (Skolt Sámi) or Neiden (Norway, Finnish: Näätämöjoki, Northern Sami: Njeävdám, Norwegian: Neidenelva) is a river in Finland's Lapland, north of Lake Inari. It flows from Lake Iijärvi in Inari Municipality through Norway's Sør-Varanger Municipality and empties into the Neidenfjorden, an arm off the main Varangerfjorden of the Barents Sea. Based on annual catch, the Neiden is Norway's third most productive river for salmon fishing. Atlantic salmon, lake trout, sea trout, graylings and pike are all endemic species. Collaborative Management Njauddam basin is the ancient home of the Indigenous Skolt Sámi peoples. In 1944 the Suonikylä Skolt Sámi were re-located at the end of the WW2 to Njauddam. The central elements of Skolt Sámi economy are reindeer herding and fisheries. On the Norwegian side the national minority Kven are fishing on the Njauddam. Since 2011 the Skolt Sámi and Snowchange have implemented the very first collaborative management of the whole river catchment area. Specifically, in summary the decade of comanagement has included 1. A full restoration plan for the river (the damaged parts) 2. Sámi Land Use and Occupancy Mapping 3. Full ecological restoration of Kirakkakoski and Vainosjoki rivers, totaling over 6 kilometers of rivers 4. Community-based and gendered monitoring of climate change using Indigenous knowledge and science 5. Management reforms to Atlantic Salmon, pike and trout fisheries





Key Personel

The key personal in the co-management work are (and have been): Pauliina Feodoroff, Skolt Sámi Cultural Leader: The director of the co-management actions Vladimir Feodoroff, Skolt Sámi Elder and Reindeer herder: The director of the co-management actions Jouko Moshnikoff, Skolt Sámi fisherman and Reindeer herder: Collaborative management actions Juha Feodoroff, Skolt Sámi fisherman and Reindeer herder: Collaborative management actions Teijo Feodoroff (late), Skolt Sámi Elder and Fisherman: Leading the co-management actions Kaisja Semenoja: Community-Based Observations on River Vainosjoki

Pauliina Feodoroff

Vladimir Feodoroff

Jouko Moshnikoff

Juha Feodoroff

Teijo Feodoroff

Kaisja Semenoja